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Which HID Color Temp Is Best? | AllXenon.com

One of the best reasons for upgrading to HID Lighting is the color choices. This allows you to further cutomize your vehicle along with provide bright light output making your drive safer. There is a wide amount of options, but which one is best for you?

What are Color Temps or Kelvins?

HID color temperature is measured in Kelvins like 3000k or 3k for short...also referred to as Color Temps or Temperatures.  Color Temps can range from 3000k up to 30000k changing the color as the number increases. One of the misconceptions about Color Temps is higher the number, brighter the light output. However, this is the opposite for the most part. As the numbers goes higher, you receive more color, but the light output actually decreases due to the darker colors. In fact, 5000k is your brightest light output level which is a pure white or what we call "Hyper White".

What is Legal?

No matter the Color Temp you choose, they are considered illegal.  This is because they did not come on your vehicle from factory so are not DOT Approved.  The whiter colors are normally safer to use while the darker colors draw more attention to you increasing your chance of being ticketed.

What Color Temps Do You Offer?

Check out our color temperature options below along with a description of each...

  • 3000k Golden Yellow - This is a perfect option for our High Beam, Fog Light, or Daytime Running Lights. The Golden Yellow color is a popular accent for JDM vehicles. It is also the best color for driving in the rain or fog.
  • 5000k Hyper White - This is the brightest option for light output. The Hyper White color provides clean white light without added colors such as yellow or blue. This is popular on OEM applications like Lexus and other manufacturers.
  • 6000k Diamond White - This is the most popular option for our customers. The Diamond White color adds a hint of blue which really makes for a crisp light. This is also closest color to LED Lighting if you want to make your headlights to a LED DRL.  This is popular on OEM applications like BMW and other manufacturers.
  • 8000k Crystal Blue - This is another popular option for customers that want to see blue on the road. The Crystal Blue color offers a great balance of white and blue colors while still providing a good amount of light.
  • 30000k Hyper Blue - This is great for people wanting to stand out from others. The Hyper Blue color is as deep as it gets for Blue HID Lighting.
  • 30000k Hyper Pink - This is great for people wanting to stand out from others. The Hyper Pink color is as deep as it gets for Pink HID Lighting.
  • 30000k Hyper Green - This is great for people wanting to stand out from others. The Hyper Green color is as deep as it gets for Green HID Lighting.

What Do We Recommend?

We recommended going with the whiter 5000k/6000k options to maximize your light output.  We also recommend 3000k for your High Beam, Fog Light, or Daytime Running Lights if you want to run something different.  However, we always say choose what you will be happiest with...so pick the Color Temp that you feel is best for you.

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