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DRL Boards, also known as DRL Circuit Boards, are the unique upgrade that you can give your vehicle that comes with stock DRL Lighting.  These were made popular by Audi, but many vehicle manufacturers are now offering LED DRL's.  The stock models typically come in white only, which looks great but does not give you a custom look.  You can find your replacement DRL Boards below that can change your stock DRL Lighting to two types...Switchback or Multicolor.  The Switchback options retains a stock white color while driving, but switches to  Amber/Yellow when you use your turn signal.  The Multicolor options allows you to completely change the color of the DRL anytime you want.  Feeling like blue today, but green tomorrow?  Not a problem, you can quickly change the color from your remote control or phone app.  This process consists opening your stock headlamp, installing the vehicle specific DRL Boards, and resealing the headlamp.  Are you not sure you can properly install them?  No problem, contact us so we can help find an installer in your area.  If you look at the left side of the page you can further sort the product by clicking on Shop by Brand or Shop by Vehicle.

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