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H1 Hylux Canbus HID Kit

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Our H1 Hylux Canbus HID Kit offers OEM build quality from one of the most respected names in automotive lighting.  It features Canbus Technology that works great with difficult vehicles like Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Mercedes, and Mini Cooper.  It puts out 35 Watts per bulb giving you 3 times the light output over stock Halogen...no more dim lights barely illuminating the road.  It comes with a much larger HID Ballast than normal, but that is because consumers want this design due to the superior lifespan over the newer slimmer ballasts.  Just like all the HID Kits we offer...it comes with premium HID Bulbs that are properly align to match OEM specs, it has a completely waterproof design, it has reverse polarity protection to prevent damage, and it offers a simple plug'n play installation.

In the photos above, the HID Bulbs shown are H11.  We will be updating the photos soon, but in the meantime, rest assured that you will be receiving H1.


  • Digital AC Technology for Brighter, More Stable Light
  • Canbus Technology for German Vehicles
  • 35 Watts Per Bulbs for Superior Light Output
  • 3 Times Light Output over Halogen
  • Premium Bulbs with OEM Alignment
  • Plug'n Play Design for Simple Installation
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, & Reverse Polarity Protection
  • 3 Year Warranty Directly Through Us


  • H1 Hylux Canbus HID Kit

Product Options

Ballast Wattage - You get to choose either 35 watts or 50 watts depending on the power and longevity you want.  If you choose 35 watts, you are getting 3 times the light output over stock halogen bulbs.  This is also what comes stock on luxury vehicles equipped with Xenon Lights.  If you choose 50 watts, you are getting 4 times the light output over stock halogen bulbs.  The only downside is the lifespan is about 10% less than 35 watts due to the increased power.

Bulb Size - This is where you will pick the exact bulb size you need for your Low Beam, High Beam, or Fog Light.  If your vehicle comes with dual filament bulbs H4, H13, 9003, 9004, 9007, or 9008 you have couple of options.  If you choose the regular option, this is Low Beam only meaning no HID High Beam.  If you choose the Bi-Xenon option, this will include HID Low & High Beam along with a HID Relay Harness.  Keep in mind that if your headlight or fog light housings are aftermarket, the bulb size most likely will be different from stock.  You will need to check your housing for the correct bulb size.

Color Temps - This is where you will pick the exact color for your HID Bulbs.  If you are looking for the brightest color option, 5000K Hyper White will be it with 6000K Diamond White being a close second.  If you are looking for more color to customize your vehicle, you have several options to choose from depending on your preference.  Keep in mind more color you add, the more illegal it might be in your state so check your local laws.

Warranty - This product comes with two warranty options...a 3 Year Warranty which is included with the product along with an option to upgrade to a Lifetime Warranty for $20.  No matter the option you pick, you have the exact same coverage, the only difference it the length of the warranty.

Add Relay - A HID Relay Harness is a great add-on to your HID Kit to provide more stable power by connecting the HID Kit directly to the battery.  On most vehicles this is not required, but if your headlights turn on automatically when you start your vehicle then you will need this part.  This is because Autolamps or Daytime Running Lights do not always provide enough power for the HID Kit to work properly.  Since it is impossible to list every single vehicle that needs this part, you can contact us prior to purchasing to see if it is required for your vehicle.

Add Canceller - A HID Canceller is required for German vehicles to prevent flickering and lamp-out errors.  This is because the factory Canbus system monitors the voltage on the vehicle.  Since HID Kits draw less power than Halogen bulbs, the computer assumes the light is out even though it may be functioning fine.  They are also required for some American and Korean vehicles along with a HID Relay Harness.  Since it is impossible to list every single vehicle that needs this part, you can contact us prior to purchasing to see if it is required for your vehicle.

Additional Information

Not sure what bulb size fits your vehicle?  Not a problem, CLICK HERE to pull up the correct bulb size for your vehicle.

If you have additional questions, please contact us by email at Sales@DynamicAppearance.com or call us at 678-622-7144.

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  1. Great Performance

    Posted by Joe J on May 4th 2018

    Bought this kit about 6 months ago and works perfectly. I previously had a DDM kit on my RAM, but it would strobe sometimes. Now no more strobing with the Hylux kit.

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