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H1 Stattus FS 35w HID Kit


Product Description

Product Information

Our H1 Stattus FS (fast start) 35w HID Kit offers premium quality while not breaking the bank.  Fast Start Technology allows the HID Kit hit full brightness much fast than traditional ballasts.  It puts out 35 Watts per bulb giving you 3 times the light output over stock Halogen...no more dim lights barely illuminating the road.  It comes with a super slim ballasts that allow you to fit them anywhere.  Just like all the HID Kits we offer...it comes with premium HID Bulbs that are properly align to match OEM specs, it has a completely waterproof design, it has reverse polarity protection to prevent damage, and it offers a simple plug'n play installation.

In the photos above, the HID Bulbs shown are H11.  We will be updating the photos soon, but in the meantime, rest assured that you will be receiving H1.


  • Digital AC Technology for Brighter, More Stable Light
  • Fast Start Technology for Faster Warm-Up Time
  • 35 Watts Per Bulbs for Superior Light Output
  • 3 Times Light Output over Halogen
  • Premium Bulbs with OEM Alignment
  • Plug'n Play Design for Simple Installation
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, & Reverse Polarity Protection
  • 1 Year Warranty Directly Through Us


  • H1 Stattus FS 35w HID Kit

Add-On Options

HID Relay (1) - A HID Relay is a great add-on to your HID Kit to provide more stable power by connecting the HID Kit directly to the battery.  On most vehicles this is not required, but if your headlights turn on automatically when you start your vehicle then you will need this part.  This is because Autolamps or Daytime Running Lights do not always provide enough power for the HID Kit to work properly.

HID Cancellers (2) - HID Cancellers are required for German vehicles to prevent flickering and lamp-out errors.  This is because the factory Canbus system monitors the voltage on the vehicle.  Since HID Kits draw less power than Halogen bulbs, the computer assumes the light is out even though it may be functioning fine.

HID Relay (1) & HID Canceller (1) - A HID Relay and HID Canceller is required for some newer American and Korean vehicles.  The HID Relay provides more stable power by connecting the HID Kit directly to the battery.  However, some vehicles do not supply enough power from the stock harness to open the HID Relay properly...you will know if the HID Relay is making a fast clicking noise.  The HID Canceller goes in between the HID Relay and stock harness to bring up the voltage to allow the HID Relay to work properly.

Additional Information

Not sure what bulb size fits your vehicle?  Not a problem, CLICK HERE to pull up the correct bulb size for your vehicle.

If you have additional questions, please contact us by email at Sales@DynamicAppearance.com or call us at 678-622-7144.

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