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HID Kits, also known as Xenon, are the go-to upgrade when you want brighter light output.  They give you thee to fives times the light output over standard halogen depending on the wattage of the HID Kit.  They offer a simple plug'n play installation on most vehicles along with easily interchangeable parts in the event something fails.  You also have a wide choice of colors to customize your vehicle to your liking.  No matter the vehicle or type of headlight housing (projector or reflector), you are guaranteed some serious light.  This is why HID Lighting is still the #1 option for vehicle manufacturers that offer premium lighting.  We have several HID Kits below from Xenon, Acme, Hylux, Morimoto, and Profile Performance.  If you look at the left side of the page you can further sort the product by clicking on Shop by Brand, Shop by Bulb, Shop by Color, Shop by Vehicle, or Shop by Wattage.

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