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HID Ballasts

Do you have a defective HID Ballast? Not a problem, we sell both Aftermarket and OEM replacement HID Ballasts. We carry the highest quality HID Ballasts from Xenon, Acme, Hylux, Morimoto, and Profile Performance. They are compatible with 99.9% of Aftermarket HID Kits on the market with the standard AMP connectors along with 100% of OEM HID Kits. You can choose to buy only one to save money or buy them in a pair to match up the best. No matter what you are looking for, we have what you need below.

Our HID Kits can increase your light output 3-5 times over stock halogen bulbs. If you have stock halogen bulbs, you will need a complete HID Kit to upgrade your lighting... [read more]
HID Kits
Our HID Bulbs are a plug'n play replacement option for both aftermaket and OEM HID Kits. If you have a failed HID Bulb, replace them with our premium options... [read more]
HID Bulbs

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