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If you are looking to do something custom to your headlights, then Retrofitting is the right place for you. If you have stock reflector housings, you can install HID or LED Projectors that will get you a cleaner, wider light pattern. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a LED Halo Kit to both projector and reflector housings. If your vehicle comes with stock DRL Lights, you can swap that out to get Switchback & Multicolor functions. Don't forget to check the accessories section to stock up on what you need to complete the job. No matter what you are looking for, we have what you need below.

LED DRL Boards are a great way to customize your vehicle by swapping the stock board to a Switchback or Multicolor design. They are designed to be an OEM replacement...
HID Kits
LED Halo Kits will give you the same classic BMW look, but with much brighter light packed with tons of options. They come in Switchback and Multicolor designs...
HID Bulbs
Projectors are a great option to retrofit into your headlights. This will give you much cleaner light with virtually no glare and a wider beam pattern to light up...
HID Bulbs
No matter what type of retrofitting you are doing to your vehicle, you will need additional accessories to complete the conversion properly including butyl...
HID Bulbs

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