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Hyundai LED Halo Kits

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Halo Kits, also known as Angel Eyes, are the unique upgrade that you can give your vehicle.  These were made popular by BMW, but now most vehicles can have Halo Lighting added to their headlights.  This process consists opening your stock headlamp, installing the vehicle specific Halo Kit, and resealing the headlamp.  This is a much cleaner look than ordering cheap headlights online with even cheaper quality Halo's preinstalled.  This is because we only carry extremely bright Diffused LED Halo Kits which gives you maximum light output while maintaining a solid look without seeing the individual LED chips.  Are you not sure you can properly install them?  No problem, contact us so we can help find an installer in your area.  If you look at the left side of the page you can further sort the product by clicking on Shop by Brand or Shop by Vehicle.

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