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Projectors are a must when you want serious light output on your vehicle.  When you install Projectors on your reflector housings, it will take your scattered light and focuses it on the road.  This not only gives you more light where you need it, but you provide a safe driving experience for the other people on the road.  Projectors have a clean cut-off line which blocks light from shooting to high up potentially blinding on-coming drivers.  Once you pick your Projectors, you can choose to install HID or LED Lighting in them to increase the light output.  Want an even simpler option?  Check out our LED Projectors below which come with LED Technology integrated into the Projector eliminating any need for add-ons.  No matter what you are looking for, we have what you need below.

Not sure what kit fits your vehicle?  Not a problem, please contact us by email at Sales@DynamicAppearance.com or call us at 678-622-7144.

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